About Informer

earthInformer is an unbiased international community for the research and analysis of global markets, pricing and law of different countries. By consolidating international forces members of the community are distributed around the world allowing Informer to obtain up-to-the-minute business information from any part of the planet. Informer has interests in the following fields :

  1. Legal priorities (customs law, customs rates, tax law, civil law, trade law, banking and finance law, transport law, international private law, international arbitration and sea law,  etc.).
  2. Pricing (materials pricing, manufacturing pricing, wholesale prices, etc.).
  3. Economic sectors (mining operations, agriculture, machine-tools, oil and gas production, chemical materials and production,  etc.)
  4. Logistics (methods of transporting goods, logistical schemes and pricing).
  5. Business planning.
  6. Technical analysis of electronics and technology.
  7. Networking and supporting global business contacts.
  8. Idea generation.

Members provide information to the community free of charge in the interest  of international business cooperation and participation in commercial operations. The  Informer community aims to create workplaces and career opportunities for its participants. Translate